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A wide selection panels, for cladding, furnishing and decorative purposes, a collection that englobes all interior wood decoration needs
Ideal decorative laminate material, with high impact and wear resistant, as well as infinite designs, colors and textures
Premium wood and laminate floors of every installation type, including exterior decking floors for outdoors installations
Interior doors in wood and metal finishes, to suit every project requirement, including fire rated and acoustic doors
The most comprehensive wooden kitchen cabinets and components range, including the trendiest finishes and most durable materials

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Our expertise encompasses the entire building envelope. Products made by FINIXIA are characterized by premium quality and durability. The reasons for this are manifold: Over twenty years of experience in the product and thousands of sold wood products to demonstrate our expertise in the field.

We combine in depth wood product knowledge with the use of modern precision machines. We respond to the growing demands of the market with sophisticated design and always keep in mind the quality of our product. Not least, it is the incomparable variety of models that inspires and fascinates our customers.



As our company was born international since day one, offering spanish products, we have started our journey...
The concept of implementing an interior design or renovation can be complicated and entails an exceptional...
We have an extended network of international clients, from architects and developers, to big contractors. Our...
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