Laminate Parquet

Laminate floors are the result of the balance between technology and trend. It is a floor that offers maximum strength and durability without compromising design. Laminate floors come with HDF (High Density Fibreboard), improving protection against moisture, increasing product’s stability and decreasing the level of footstep noise.

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Laminate Parquet

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An exciting palette of colors, in which one is guaranteed to find a laminate floor in the needed color. There are numerous finishes, textures and materials in this flooring type.

Laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of sizes, depending on the aspired final design. The width of individual boards can have a dramatic influence on the look of a floor. Wide widths can complement a larger spaces. The variety of measures allows the free selection of the final design that harmonizes with the style and architecture of a project.


  • Laminate flooring is made of a high density (HDF) fiber board
  • The upper layer is made of a decorative paper impregnated in amino-plastic resins. This decorative paper is a perfect imitation of the different wood types and decors
  • The most superficial layer is made of a cellulose film with Aluminium Oxide or Corundum particles called overlay
  • This premium quality Overlay gives a surface resistance to wearing, impact, scratching, staining, cigarette burns, etc. (AC4-AC5….)
  • The bottom layer is also a melamine paper called Kraft, and it acts as a counterbalance and as an insulator


There are absolutely no restrictions to where laminate can be installed. From public spaces to residential projects, and from subfloors levels to bathrooms and kitchens, laminate flooring works superbly in any area. It will retain its beauty even in high-traffic areas and through normal changes in temperature, light and humidity levels.

This flooring is particularly well suited for entrance ways or work areas where people pass through quickly. The increased static friction supports the anti-slip effect and considerably reduces the risk of slipping and falling. These floor coverings can be safely walked and worked upon, it is also suitable for underfloor heating.


  • Laminate flooring is an alternative to solid wood. It is between 50 and 70% less expensive than traditional hardwood
  • Easy and quick to install, requires no glue or nails so much faster and cheaper placement
  • Hygienic: Non-porous surface
  • Hypoallergenic and does not accumulate mites.
  • Highly resistant to discoloration caused by sunlight a
  • Highly resistant to surface wear



  • UV protection. Does not bleach
  • Moisture resistant
  • Stains resistant
  • Resists cigarette burns
  • Scratch resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Fireproof flooring (Bfl-S1)
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Anti-allergic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly



CLASS 31: For commercial areas with moderate use

CLASS 32: For commercial areas with general use

CLASS 33: For commercial areas with intense use



  • AC4: Laminate products with an AC4 Rating are suitable for commercial use with general traffic. Think busy offices, cafes, restaurants.
  • AC5: Laminate products with an AC5 Rating are suitable for commercial use with heavy traffic. Best for public buildings, department stores or showrooms.
Thickness (mm) 12   Types of Designs Oak
  8     Cherry
  7     Ash
Width (mm) 240     Jatova
  195     Elm
  194     Merbau
  189     Walnut
  132     Pine
Length (mm) 1331     Wenge
  1310     Sucupira
  1200     Trends
Abrasion Resistance AC 4   Type of Plank Single Plank
  AC 5     Two planks
        Three planks
 Finishes Nature     At randoom
  Wood-touch   Edges  Without bevels
  Saw cut     Longitudinal bevels
  Matt-oil     4 sides bevels
  Wood impression      
  Rustic Pore      


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