Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the interiors of kitchens. Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are often integrated into kitchen cabinetry. There are many options for cabinets available at present.

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Kitchen Cabinets

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Interior kitchen cabinets can be divided into three ranges according to its features and designs:

  • Basic range: 16 mm thick melamine chipboard cabinets.
  • Medium range: 16 mm thick melamine moisture resistant chipboard cabinets.
  • Supreme range: 18 mm thick melamine moisture resistant chipboard cabinets.



Kitchen cabinets must include hardware to support doors and drawer fronts. At present, there are various hardware types and accessories, so we could divide them into two groups:

1. Essential hardware

  • Hinges
  • Handles (this point is described in kitchen doors)
  • Legs for base and column cabinets
  • Drawers with soft close
  • Hangers for wall cabinets

2. Accessories

These accessories are used to take more advantage of kitchen cabinet space. Some additional accessories as follows:

  • Supermarket column
  • Swing out corner storage unit
  • Extractable basket
  • Cutlery tray
  • Bottle rack
  • Plinth in PVC or aluminum finish

Base Cabinets:

Base cabinets, also called lower cabinets, are strong and sturdy, providing a base for heavy countertops, or used to create the perfect kitchen island. Amongst base cabinets we find corner, sink units, etc.

Height: 700/800/900 mm
Width: 150 - 1200 mm
Depth: 580 mm

  • Door and Drawer Cabinet
  • Oven Cabinet
  • Sink Cabinet
  • L-Shape Corner Base Cabinet

Wall Cabinets:

Wall cabinets, sometimes called wall-mounted or upper cabinets, refer to cabinets that are hung on a wall, as opposed to resting on the floor. Inside the wall units we find: transverse, corner, over hood, etc.
Wall cabinets are available in different formats as follows:

1.     Standard Wall Cabinets

Height: 700/800/900 mm
Width: 300 - 1000
Depth: 330 mm

  • L-Shape Corner Wall Cabinet
  • Angled Corner Wall Cabinet
  • Plate Rack Cabinet
  • Above Extractor Hood Cabinet

2.     Transversal Wall Cabinets

Height: 350/400/450/500 mm
Width: 600 - 900
Depth: 330 mm

  • Door cabinet
  • Over fridge cabinet

3.     Wall unit above countertop

Height: 1300 / 1500 mm
Width: 400 / 450 / 600 mm
Depth: 580 mm

  • Door cabinet
  • Aluminum blind cabinet

Column Cabinets:

Column cabinets, also called tall cabinets or pantry cabinets, create bountiful storage and a vertical look in a space. Basically, they are divided into tall universal column and mid – height column.
Column cabinets are available in different formats as follows:

1.     Tall Column:

Height: 2000/2200 mm
Width: 400/450/600 mm
Depth: 580 mm

  • Supermarket cabinet
  • Microwave and oven column cabinet
  • Door cabinet

2.     Mid-height Column:

Height: 1300/1320 mm
Width: 400/450/600 mm
Depth: 580 mm

  • Door cabinet
  • Drawer and cacerol cabinet
  • Microwave and oven cabinet


    Thickness (mm)     16/18       Depth (mm)     330
    Width (mm)     150 - 1200      
          Types of Units     Base cabinets
    Height (mm)     350         Wall cabinets
      400         Corner cabinets
      450             Transversal wall cabinets
      500         Mid-height column cabinets
      600         Tall column Cabinets
      1320       Support     Standard Chipboard
      2000         Moisture Resistant Chipboard


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