Our expertise encompasses the entire building envelope. Products made by FINIXIA are characterized by premium quality and durability. The reasons for this are manifold: Over twenty years of experience in the product and thousands of sold wood products to demonstrate our expertise in the field.


We combine in depth wood product knowledge with the use of modern precision machines. We respond to the growing demands of the market with sophisticated design and always keep in mind the quality of our product. Not least, it is the incomparable variety of models that inspires and fascinates our customers.


We are a company devoted to understanding client wishes and requirements. Based on our client centric approach, we are delivery focused and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the demands of every customer. We work with our clients to achieve their required cost / quality balance and deliver cost effective solutions. Finixia accounts for a team of highly motivated professionals who share extensive know-how and experience, delivering each order to the highest standard.

Our main focus is on providing our customers with the latest trends and offering services tailored to their requirements. Our understanding of the different business cultures and mentalities helps us ensure customer satisfaction by adapting all processes to their expectations and objectives.


Due to our extensive experience in the sector of construction material, along with a wide network of contacts, we are able to locate the most suitable products. We employ our own quality control personnel at factories to monitor the production, packaging and shipping of products, ensuring that our exact standards are met on every shipment.


Since the beginning of 2010, FINIXIA opened a branch office in China in order to supply its clients with raw material (wooden boards , laminates ), under the strict quality standards used in Europe, and with its staff supervising every order. All these products are periodically sent to laboratories in Europe to be tested, and to make sure they comply with the standards of quality that distinguish us.


Providing service on an international level has meant establishing an extensive network of distributors in different continents and a dynamic team made out of professional intercultural members. This allows us to work more closely with our clients and offer them better service in a way that is more accessible to them. It also allows us to understand their needs perfectly and first hand.


Canada, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic | Spain, France, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Georgia | Nigeria, Cameron, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Mauritania, Angola, Algeria, Morocco | Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan.


We have an extended network of international clients, from architects and developers, to big contractors. Our customers are considered the most valuable asset of the company, and the reason why we relentlessly work on improving our service, quality, and product range, thus aiming to satisfy even the most challenging customers. We are continuously optimizing our processes, by introducing technical and human resources, and quality controls to measure our progress, and make sure all this pours into the benefit of our customer, aiming to be their first choice when searching for an international supplier for wooden derivate or construction material.


Though we cover a wide range of products, we are always open to receive challenging requests from our customers, as we have the infrastructure and the team to offer innovative and modern solutions.