A floor is not simply a construction material, it is also a basic decorative element. The choice of the type of floor, color or finish defines the character of an area with a floor.


Produced only from the best materials, our wooden floors have a natural beauty that provides infinite design options for each space, both indoor and outdoor. Wood floors achieve a fine harmony, and are elegant as well as unique.


Our collection entails a wide range of products, species of wood, types of floors, colors and textures. Thanks to our extensive range we guarantee a solution that fits every requirement.


Each area needs a different type of floor, which is why Finixia offers the opportunity to choose among the type of floor the following range: Engineered wood floor, laminate floor, solid wood floor, exterior wood or WPC decking and sports flooring.

Wood Floor Advantages

Some advantage of the Wood Floors compared to Ceramic Floors are as follows:

  • Wood floor provides warm under foot
  • Wood floor can changed and uninstalled if needed, or re-sandaded and re-finished in some cases; whereas other floors such as marble or ceramic can’t be altered one it’s laid
  • Wood floors installation cost is usually lower and take less time
Wood Floor Characteristics