Exterior Decking Wood

Exterior decking wood is extremely resistant flooring for outdoor use in waterfronts, terraces or swimming pools (in slip proof or smooth finishing). Hardwood decking embraces wood as it is, one of the warmest natural materials with unique and incomparable features of texture, colour, shades, patterns and grain, beauty and functionality come together to create a product of pure exclusivity and great performance for outdoors.

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The warmth of excellently manufactured wood on bare feet is an exceptional feeling. Smooth surfaces, bevelled edges and no gaps create an unrivalled visual effect which make the definite option for outdoor spaces.

Solid wooden planks of special cross-section with a brushed surface and rounded or bevelled off lateral edges facilitate underfoot comfort, even barefoot. The absence of superficial fixture holes minimises the risk of splinters and fissures forming which could be potentially hazardous to users.


Exterior decking wood is available in a wide variety of woods. The following species are available:

  • Ipe
  • Teak
  • Elondo
  • Merbau
  • Kurupay
  • Cumaru
  • Massaranduba
  • Cedar
  • Doussie
  • Iroko
  • Ash


  • Natural beauty: Stylish, warm and very comfortable to tread, wood floors are one of the most decorative options for exterior flooring
  • Wide variety of woods: Another of the strong points of the exterior wood is the wide variety of available Woods that make each facility is unique and unrepeatable
  • Premium finishing: Provide a flawless finish to the most demanding projects
  • Natural colour: The key to the beauty of wood flooring is the color and appearance that only a natural material convey
  • Durability: The exterior decking with proper maintenance may have a service life of many years


Nowadays there are several types of installation of exterior wood floors with features and specific materials. With any of these systems, the installation of exterior floors will present a flawless finish and will make the life of the product to continue many years.
The following are some of the most used systems and offer highest quality for any project with exterior wooden floor.


Properties and advantages:

The M-Clip installation system allows the exterior floor to be accessible throughout its surface to any point in the substructure. This way you can uninstall and replace any deteriorated plank very quickly.

The «key» element is a small plastic clip of maximum resistance built into the plank that does not affect the temperature. The M-clip is basically a synthetic polymer, as precise, resistant, tough but yet flexible. The shape of this clip allows the table to be placed with a simple pressure. The clip shrinks to enter the guide and once inside it recovers its original width and the plank is anchored. This clip has «recoil» and to lift the plank only it is necessary to pry with any tool. Then the reverse process occurs, the clip narrows to leave the table and then regains its shape.

The M-Clip offers all the guarantees without using screws and reduces considerably the installation times.

It possible to remove and put back again any single board with no tools.

Boards are clipped in and out with great ease and rapidity, decreasing installation time and improving product features such as accessibility, functionality and longevity.

  • Easy: No screws
  • Fast: No pre-drilling
  • Silent: No tools
  • Easier maintenance
  • Enlarged service life
  • Relocation properties
  • Dynamic and flexible: Clipped boards can be moved vertically and laterally thus creating dynamic open spaces to access difficult areas with minimal work.
  • More solid
  • More wear surface
  • More stable and more resistant
  • More durable



Advantages in comparison with traditional open gaps:

  • Better look, only fine deck, no gaps between boards and no visible understructure
  • Safer, nothing can get stuck between boards such as high heels, fingers, etc.
  • Hygienic, no food or other objects can fall down between board gaps
  • No loss of valuables through deck gap such as coins, rings or keys

S-Clip Advantages:

  • Upgraded vertical grip
  • Suitable for wood and wpc
  • Silent installation: no noise
  • Tool less: no gear wearing
  • Improved horizontal flexibility for expansion
  • Installation time
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less tools needed



The traditional installation of exterior wood to require:

  • Wood joist (pine or tropical)
  • Clips (standard and linking)
  • Screws

The fastening system is backed up by quality components created from stainless steel. The C-Clip is made to fit into decking profile to ensure a smooth finish, a finish unmatched by other products.

By creating the correct spacing between deck boards and ensuring security of construction the C-Clips are essential.


  • Unmatched finish.
  • Enhanced longevity of decking
  • Improved drainage and air circulation
  • Reduced splinters and checking
  • Perfectly smooth finish

There are 2 types of C-Clip, the fixing clip and Linking clip. There are varying amounts required of each clip and that depends on the deck width and thickness. The amounts required will be calculated for each project. The smallest screw recommend is: 40mm x 4.5mm

Technical Information
Thickness (mm)19ProfilesInvisible profile
 20 Visible profile
 22Installation SystemsTraditional C-Clip
 25 S-Clip
 28 M-Clip
Width (mm)57Types of woodAsh
 95 Ipe
 100 Cedar
 115 Cumaru
 120 Doussie
 130 Elondo
 135 Teak
 140 Kurupay
 145 Iroko
 180 Massaranduba
Standard FinishesNatural finsih