Interior Compact Laminate

Interior Compact Laminate is constructed with layers of Kraft paper and decorative faces, impregnated with thermosetting resins. These layers are then sandwiched between laminated top and bottom sheets, compressed and baked. A process called polymerisation melds them all together creating a solid core panel that is an extra tough durable laminate. This creates a prefinished panel that is strong, self-supporting, water resistant and highly durable, requiring very low maintenance, perfect for a multitude of uses in commercial and public spaces. The standard defines compact laminates as from a thickness of 2 mm.

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The standard defines compact laminates as from a thickness of 2 mm. Its excellent impact resistance makes it ideal for heavy duty applications. Fire retardant grade is available on request.

Compact Laminate panels are antibacterial. Due to its intrinsic antibacterial qualities, it can be used in food preparation areas. It can be used vertically or horizontally for toilet and shower cubicles, wall panelling, lab benches, tables, office furniture, lockers, in fact almost anything.


  • Washroom cubicles
  • Partitions
  • Laboratory bench tops
  • Hospital beds
  • Furniture
  • Work surfaces and various self-supporting components in construction and transport applications
  • Ideal for environments where hygiene is key (healthcare, education, food …)


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Hard-wearing and outstanding impact resistant surface
  • Very high stability
  • Moisture resistant
  • Hygienic and easy to maintain (antibacterial)
  • Resistant to common cleaning products and chemicals
  • High heat resistant
  • Homogeneous material for precise processing
  • No edge banding required


Interior Compact laminate is a high pressure structural laminate, built up from multiple layers of kraft paper to produce a laminate in thicknesses from 2mm to 30mm. It has a decorative face on both sides and is ideal for interior use in washroom cubicles or locker doors, wall panels or laboratory furniture. It is particularly suited to use in high humidity, high impact areas. With a weight of 14,5 kg/m2 (for 10mm thickness). Interior Compact laminate is impressively strong and damage resistant and has remarkable structural stability, requiring no substrate support in thicknesses over 6mm.

  • Quality and durability: Highly durable with a long life of retained appearance
  • Designed for frequent cleaning: Exceptional hygiene performance. Demonstrated the long-lasting visual impact achieved, even in environments where bacteria and dirt pose a real threat. In hospitals and healthcare facilities, transport terminals, sports centers and retail spaces
  •  Self-supporting High Pressure Laminate (> 6mm)
  •  Food safe (IANESCO approved)
  •  Machinable throughout its entire thickness
Technical Information
Thickness (mm)2 – 30FinishesGloss
Length x width (mm)2150 x 900 Matt
 2250 x 1000 Satin
 2440 x 1220/1830 Leather
 2800 x 1300 Pore
 3050 x 1220/1300 
 3200 x 1620AvailableUnicolor
 3600 x 1400Designs Woodgrain
 3660 x 1525/1550/1610/1830 Stone Designs
 4200 x 1300/1610/1620/1860 Fantasy Designs
GradeStandard Wood veneer
 Horizontal Metallic
 Vertical Anti finger-print
 Postforming Digital printing
 Flame retardant