A revolutionary wood decking

Outdoor wood decking

A revolutionary wood decking

Outdoor spaces are areas that, although small, provide a lot of service both in private residences and in public buildings. The flooring in these areas is usually a critical choice for every designer as it must strike a balance between design and functionality. It has to ensure that rainwater can evacuate, has to be protected from the action of the sunlight, has to be strong but recordable etc

Because of that, we think that the best solution for exterior flooring is a wood decking solution. It is extremely resistant flooring for outdoor use in waterfronts, terraces or swimming pools (in slip proof or smooth finishing). With wood decking, beauty and functionality come together to create a product of pure exclusivity and great performance for outdoors.

Nowadays, there are several types of installation of wood decking with features and specific materials. With any of these systems, the installation of exterior floors will present a flawless finish and will make the life of the product to continue many years. But we invite you to discover a complete new system that eliminates all the drawbacks of the classic wood decking. This new system consists in change the noisy and slow fixing system with an advanced mechanical locking with superior grip which holds the boards stronger than a screw but yet flexible to open up and close again when necessary. That allows to remove and put back again any single board with no tools.

It guarantees durability and resistance but at the same time allows water to pass through avoiding the rainwater accumulations. But only the water passes through, thanks to its shape, between boards it is impossible to valuables to fall through. This system for wood decking is available both for walls and floors so let yourself embrace wood as it is, one of the warmest natural materials with unique and incomparable features.

If what you are looking for is the elegance of a ceramic or porcelain exterior floor, feel free to visit INDAREX website where you could find the best Spanish tiles. FINIXIA and INDAREX materials are being used in BENISUR residential projects.

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